1) This service is available from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

2) This service is collective. The booking is made by a single person, but the car is shared.

3) This service is effected with
authorized, sure, comforting cars. Their dimensions are suitable for the necessity.

4) This service has a
preset cost. It is paid partly at the booking, with a credit card, and the remaining part to the driver.
Safety and discretion in using the credit card are guaranteed by the Sure Payment System of Banca Sella.

5) At the arrival, if asked, it is possible to get the
expense receipt.

booking confirmation will be given you with E-mail.

7) It is necessary you are
ready to leave 10 minutes before or after the required schedule.

8) 5 minutes before the car arrives to your home, you will receive a phone call to warn you. You must give at
least one sure phone number.

9) When the car arrives to your home, it
doesn't wait more than 3/5 minutes.

10) Since the service is collective, it is possible to
transport small pets exclusively if they are in their special cages set in the luggage vain.

11) It is possible
to cancel the booking until 10:00 a.m. of the day before the departure by sending an E-mail.

12) For the MALPENSA - HOME ride you have to show up at terminal 1 at the exit door number 4. The person in charge,
you can recognize him by the writing "WWW.MALPENSANAVETTA.IT", will show you the car for the ride. If the arrival is at terminal 2, you will find the person in charge at the exit gate.

Your booking implies you to accept the terms of this service

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